Being competitive und set for the future in a fast-paced and trendy tourism market is an ongoing challenge for all private and public tourism companies.  In addition to a participatory approach and on the basis of trend research, location and market analyzes, I advise and support businesses and locations to develop tailored concepts, business and master plans, that are both marketable, sustainable, unique and authentic.


Product development is not only essential for tourism companies and destinations in order to adapt to changing market conditions, but rather an opportunity to develop unique features, customer loyalty and a strong brand profile. In particular through business model innovation, some industry newcomers even achieve market dominance today. 


Go Get Consulting helps you to develop a viable and future-savvy business model for your company, as well as bookable and targeted products with high experience value, whereby aspects such as organization, communication and distribution are also looked at in detail.


Companies and locations that have lost connection to the tourism market require, in addition to a conceptual reconversion, a solid implementation in the restructuring and revitalization process. When it comes to business model, strategy and product development, investor and operator research, recruiting and organizational development, as well as quality management and market (re)launch processes, I stand at your side not only with expertise, but also as an experienced project manager, or go-getter, to implement the anticipated changes.


However, not every property will be worthy of succession or (re)adaptable to today’s tourism market. In such cases, I also offer the development of new concepts and solutions for vacant spaces, and guide reconversion processes.  

Sale, Lease, succession and Start-up

Business transfers like company sales, management changes or succession processes are always an opportunity to restart or refresh a company. Successful business transfers have one thing in common: they are initiated and prepared at an early stage, especially in the case of sales and succession, as these are mostly very multi-faceted and complex processes. It is not just about finding a new managing party, who has the appropriate skills and resources, but also whether operator, owner, location and concept actually fit with another, strategically and sustainably.


When selling and transferring your company, I am there to assist you with sale preparation, establishing a sale brochure, right up to actively and discretely acquiring the right investor or recruiting the right management for your company.


If required, I also conduct conformity assessments, valuation and due diligence processes, in some cases in cooperation with specific experts. If desired, I provide help with establishing terms and conditions of sales contracts, and handle sales negotiations.


In the case of start-ups or succession processes, I can assist with establishing business plans and financial planning, search of (public) funding and subsidies, as with management consulting.


In the development of new tourism projects, as in revitalization processes, Go Get can cover all phases from conception through to project management of construction works and market (re) introduction. As project manager I am used to implement projects together with international and multidisciplinary planning and executing teams. I also gladly take over individual phases in pre-planning, such as site search and analysis, feasibility study, business plan development, administrative procedures and permit procurement.


For investors, I offer to discretely conduct search, analysis and acquisition of potential investment sites, locations and opportunities, also internationally. 


I also offer to cover:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Administrative procedures and permit procurement
  • Conformity assessment
  • Research of (public) funding and subsidies
  • Valuation and due diligence processes, partly in cooperation with other experts
  • Establishing contract terms and conditions
  • Acquisition negotiations


Project management always means coordination and cooperation with several parties, mostly from various backgrounds, interests and disciplines. In the case of tourism infrastructural projects, these are investors, managers, politicians, officials and authorities, architects, planners and engineers, experts and consultants, accountants, tax consultants and lawyers, craftsmen, etc.


Project development by co-operative approach is my daily business. For your project, I can therefore handle individual tasks and aspects within a larger project, as well as manage comprehensively the entire project development and implementation, in cooperation with other experts and suppliers, also on an international basis.


As required, I can draw on a network of consultants and specialists from complementary fields such as construction, catering, hotel and camping industry, communication, legal advice and tax consultancy. This also includes a network of manufacturers, suppliers and equipment companies for the tourism industry, in particular for camping and holiday parks.